Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the firm’s name has changed to Goldstein Kelin LLC effective March 1, 2024. This change recognizes the retirement of one of the firm’s Managing Partners, Lawrence Raiss, and the addition of new attorneys, Dinah Hendon, Micah Pakay and Brian Wi to the firm. While the new name reflects our growth and success as a law firm, the firm’s focus remains unchanged. 

As we approach our 33rd year as a firm, we are thankful for the relationships we developed and the trust that our clients and colleagues have in the professional services we provide. We feel incredibly lucky to have the team we do and to have you – our clients, colleagues and friends – to work for and to work with. 

We want to thank our former partners, Norman Feinstein, Lawrence Raiss and Ernest Booker for all of their contributions to the firm. As we move forward, we are excited about our future and look forward to working with you in this next chapter. 

As set forth below, the firm’s website and email domains have changed. The firm’s address, telephone number, and tax id number will remain the same. Accordingly, please update your contact information for our firm as follows: 

Goldstein Kelin LLC

290 West Mount Pleasant Avenue

Suite 1340

Livingston, New Jersey 07039


Email addresses for the attorneys are as follows: 

Richard Kelin 

Tracey Goldstein

Adrienne LePore

Aline Grossman

David Goldberg

Michael Demarco

Dinah Hendon

Micah Pakay  

Younghan (Brian) Wi 

Email address for our departments are as follows:

For complaints:

For court dates:

For court documents:

For warrants: 

For notice requests: